DBUB微谷国际 | 加强人才储备,推进区域国际化发展

2020-04-30 03:24:25
2020 年 4 月 28 日上午,DBUB微谷国际为新加坡国立大学NUS 学子召开微谷新模式国际化推进答疑研讨会。

DBUB微谷国际 加强人才储备,推进区域国际化发展

DBUB | Widen talent pool and promote regional international development

2020 年 4 月 28 日上午,DBUB微谷国际为新加坡国立大学NUS 学子召开微谷新模式国际化推进答疑研讨会。

On the morning of April 28, 2020, DBUB International held a Q&A seminar on the international promotion of the new DBUB model for students from the National University of Singapore.



Under COVID-19, economic shocks and development opportunities go hand in hand. As a leader in the new social retail and online education industries, DBUB International has the courage to meet the challenges, stick to the mission of "empowering global entrepreneurs", widen talent pool to further promote regional international development.


微谷国际总部携微谷国际新加坡公司DBUB PTE LTD团队为来自新加坡国立大学的学子召开线上答疑研讨会,意在为微谷国际发展优秀储备人才。微谷国际总部滕浩、新加坡Diana等参加了此次会议,为其明确微谷国际公司定位,共同探讨微谷国际的新模式发展规划。

DBUB International Headquarters, together with the team of DBUB Singapore, DBUB PTE LTD, held an online Q & A seminar for students from the National University of Singapore, aiming to widen talent pool for DBUB International. Director of DBUB International Headquarters CFO Teng Hao, Singapore Diana Zhou and others attended the conference to help students to understand the positioning of DBUB International and discuss the development plan of DBUB International.

▲新加坡国立大学商学院 NUS Business School


一方面,微谷国际新加坡公司DBUB PTE LTD自成立以来一直与新加坡国立大学保持密切联系,会上进一步探索了与教育系统合作加强案例教学、实践教学的可能性。

On the one hand, DBUB International Singapore, DBUB PTE LTD, has maintained close contact with the National University of Singapore since its establishment. During the meeting, the possibility of cooperation with the education system to strengthen case study and practical teaching was further explored.


▲DBUB微谷国际孵化基地地图 DBUB International Map



On the other hand, the team carefully answered questions about DBUB’s current development, and have in-depth discussions on two aspects, the promotion of education platform under Singapore regulations and the establishment of DBUB International Digital Development Model. DBUB International team proposes that the exploration of online education platforms is more practical for Singapore and will conduct a lot of market research to improve the design of the loyalty rewards module to help DBUB International go further on the road of Digital Development Model.


DBUB International is a vibrant young enterprise, looking forward to you who have passion and dreams forever, eager to harvest and grow, and work with us to innovate the future!